Mindfulness Matter for Physios and OTs

A free online discussion and mindfulness practice: Sunday November 21st 9.30am – 10.30am


As human beings we have this amazing system that helps to protect us from danger. Commonly, especially if we have experienced difficult situations in our lives, the system can be overloaded which contributes to heightened stress, anxiety, depression, chronic health issues and more intense pain states. In this session we will explore self regulation – what it is, how to explain it to others and how to provide an exercise to train self regulation as a life skill. 

This topic is relevant for our own wellbeing as therapists and to the long term clinical outcomes of the people we work with.

This is an area ripe with potential as we explore what psychologically-informed physio look like. We are playing catch up to other professions in integrating mindfulness for our own self-care and in developing clinical interventions that build on our body-based skill set. 

The autonomic system modulates the immune, inflammatory and hormonal systems. It makes sense that helping our patients to better self-regulate is a valuable skill to enhance recovery, prevent persistent pain, and reduce the allostatic load that leads to chronic health issues.

In this session we will:

Engage in a mindfulness practice with a brief discussion about what we discover through our experience of body-mind.

Learn about the skill of self-regulation to keep ourselves resilient and healthy and to enhance therapeutic outcomes for our clients.

Discuss briefly the positive neurophysiological benefits of self-regulation.

Hear a clinical case study that includes three brief self-regulation strategies incorporated into a home movement program and how to explain self regulation to clients.

Q & A 


The session is interactive so please check your microphone and video before joining.

We invite you to join us. 

We invite physiotherapists to join us on the third Sunday of the month 9.30am – 10.30am for a FREE online mindfulness practice session and a discussion on self care and clinical interventions.

We are building a collaboration of physios and LOTs interested in mindfulness for self care and as a clinical psychologically-informed intervention.

As physios we are working with people who are struggling with pain, illness and injury. Frequently they are anxious and depressed. We are not trained with ways to support ourselves in listening to stories of pain and trauma.

Mental health allied health workers have comprehensive supervision systems to help support them in their care provision and to prevent burnout and vicarious trauma. Physios do not. It is time for this to change.

We need to know how to take care of ourselves, to establish networks and advocate for adequate training to best treat people with mental health issues.

These sessions aim to help us be calm, confident and resilient. We will endeavour to begin to fill alearning gap as we explore body-based clinical interventions without our scope of practice to treat the whole person.

Previous Sessions:

September 19
Georgie talks with experienced physiotherapist and amateur musician Michael Madigan about mindfulness for pain. We discuss group mindfulness programs for pain and implication for clinical interventions. 

October 17
Mindful inquiry of the body.

Be present – Turn in – Be curious – Feel, listen, see – Respond in new ways

Mindful inquiry of the body is a gentle questioning style that encourages curiosity to cast light on unconscious patterns in the body: the stress response, holding, posture, protective movements and associated thoughts and emotions. With growing awareness come insights, a shift in view and new ways of responding.

See information in blog post.

 Feel More Accomplished, Satisfied and Well
Connect & Collaborate 

Working with people with pain can be challenging. We’d like to build connections and shared knowledge to support client outcome and therapist wellbeing. 

Guided by research

Attention to therapist presence and wellbeing

Exploring innovative clinical interventions

Hearing from expert every day clinicians

Encompassing body and mind

Georgie Davidson

Georgie has a deep gratitude for the people in her life who have sustained her curiosity over three decades for exploring innovative ways to help people with pain. She is a musculoskeletal and titled pain physiotherapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher who has worked in many settings including private practice as owner of Mindful Movement Physio and as Senior Physio at the Northern Pain Rehabilitation Service at Modbury, Adelaide.

Georgie has been teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses since 2010 guiding people to turn inwards to the body to connect to their capacity to grow, heal and thrive. She is the creator of BODYMAP a course for health professionals wanting to incorporate mindfulness into their work with people with pain.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein  

“Pain is a system problem and requires a system approach”


You need to have a multi-modality, multi-disciplinary approach to treat persistent pain problems” 

Mark Hutchinson