Leading yourself, your team, your community

Leading yourself 

In our work, we can become a mirror to help open up possibilities in others. However, we can expend so much energy in this quest that we forget ourselves—losing touch with our own vision, wellbeing and passion.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Georgie will guide you in mindfulness based experiences in a way that is safe for you, to learn more about the connection of body and mind. Learning from personal experience helps us develop inner resources of calmness, clarity, creativity, focus and broader perspective—creating a platform from which to better understand and inspire others.

She acknowledges the work of Janice Marturano, author of the FINDING THE SPACE TO LEAD and Founder of the Institute for mindful leadership.  

Guide from the inside to create change inside others.

Leading organisations and communities

Georgie can also come to your workplace or community to provide training that caters to the specific needs of your people, and help to build cultures of shared vision, collaboration, compassion and respect.

Examples of topics include:

Mindful Presence

Challenging Boundaries

Complex Clients Masterclass  

Wellbeing in stressful times

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